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Plasma Incineration

The Plasma incineration technology is a new environmental friendly technology developed by the academy. It is a clean and stable-operating technology which is used in high temperature treatment of hazardous materials. It is widely used in treatment of solid, liquid and gas hazardous wastes.

  Technical Features:

1. The volume and weight of wastes decrease greatly, the loss of ignition <3%.
2. After treatment, the neutral, non-toxic and harmless solid substances discharged.
3. The incineration process is dioxin-free; flue gas producted without odor, fly ash and heavy metal.

Plasma Incineration is an advanced technology, which is developed by the core technology of plasma arc heater. It is used for ignition with pulverized coal instead of fuel-oil during ignition and stable combustion of pulverized coal fired boilers. The technology is fuel-efficient, safety and environmental friendly. It is mainly used in petroleum, chemical industry, power plants and metallurgy.


    High-power Plasma Torch       IGBT(insulated gate bipolar transistor)Transistor Rectifier Power


           Plasma Ignition without Oil           Small Oil Gun of Double Helix Pneumatic Atomization

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